Anti-Social Social Club Shirt for introverted guy? No!

Anti-Social Social Club ? It’s not a word that represents people against the environment. You do not misrepresent. This is one of the famous brand streetwear. So, where did it start from? Why name ASSC?

Accept as true it or not, this word is originally from Korean people. You who are Korean lovers already know this what not yet? Do not tell me you are kpopers if you don’t know the history of this word. Especially if you are a true streetwear. Well you better switch to other fashion. But that does not mean this is Korean. not!

A music artist from Korea named Neek Lurk is the first person to issue the word. Koreans living in America. Actually Lurk does not want this word to be famous. The word AASC made for a project of his life. Why the word ASSC? this is a word that represents Lurk’s personality which he thinks is him AS. He thinks his day is annoying.

He did not think that this word quickly spread. He makes this brand name dedicated to the losers, freaks, people who love bondage and BDSM and pornographic enthusiasts. But it seems that no longer valid for now, it is proven that many people who use these clothes.

Brand name is aligned with other famous brands. Products sold were already diverse. Jackets, hoodies, sweat shirts, t shirts, caps to phone cases. The design of each product was nothing different. It just says ASSC is curved. In every brand there must be the most desirable, as does ASSC. Anti-Social Social Club Shirt becomes the best-selling product in the market. Somehow this is the most salable, but the reality is like that.

Indeed, streetwear identic with a simple shirt model, maybe this is what makes ASSC Shirt to be the most popular. There is no crowded design, only ASSC writing on his clothes. Look at ASSC latest collection at Hyperoyalty.

You already have this dress yet? If you have not mending now buy. In any existing online shop that sells. But be careful yes. Buy original ASSC Shirt do not be fake. Although these clothes look simply but have good quality.

The artists of the world have been wearing this outfit. who is the artist? From model to singer has been wearing, such as Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora to Future Hendrix.

Who would have thought an indie brand to be popular today? This ASSC Shirt becomes the most sought after anywhere.

Not only shirt turns out jacket ASSC also become popular. Designed bomber jacket, it makes the jacket soared as well as Anti-Social Social Club Shirt .

Not only that, the phone case was already widely used by people. Not only for introvert people wrote, but all the circles have been wearing it. That’s what makes the introvert term unused for Anti Social Social Club.

One more thing, not just for men, women can use these clothes. want to look feminism or not depends on how we match up our clothing.

So you’re an introvert or not? Just wear Anti Social Social Club Shirt.

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